My birthday was last week (10 days ago…) and my dad came to Raleigh to take David and I out to dinner! We had a blast and I got to wear a new dress. Yay! As presents go, I got a few more things off of our registry, Avett Brothers tickets from Jackson, and new Toms!

Today we went to Hyco lake to hang out with Dad and the Apples. I picked up my Toms from Dad and Ransom had his first swimming experience! He did very well. We dropped him because he never decided to swim out on his own, but he hung out on floats with us for a while before deciding to swim back for the bank.
 Ransom and David in the water.

My new Toms on the ride home!

I’ll make an effort to blog more in the coming weeks. We’re currently finishing plans for Europe and will start packing soon (10 days left!) and I plan to keep the blog updated while we are traveling. I think we have free wi-fi everywhere we’re staying, so I should be able to handle that.