Thursday (Pre-Wedding)

So. I thought I was going to blog about the wedding. Then we came home and the apartment was a wreck. Whoops. I’m going to do this a day at a time to try to remember the most stuff. Here we go.

Thursday before the wedding was crazy. Everything was calm and in order until then, but from the minute we woke up at David’s parent’s house on Thursday everything went insane. Well, before that we’d had some minor guest list problems… One thing was that we’d apparently invited too many people. We had about 30 more people RSVP yes than we thought we would, but we’d worked that out by Thursday and everything was in order. Thursday people started dropping like flies. By lunch time almost 10 people were maybes or had last minute changes in plan. Since we’d already paid for their meals we decided to try to find people to replace them. Sadly, David’s grandparents had both gotten sick and were among the ‘maybes.’

After we got the guest list almost straightened out, David and I went to return some doubles of gifts we had received. We had to go to Belk and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I chose Belk first because I knew it would be the more difficult of the two stores. Let me tell you: I HATE BELK. It took us nearly two hours to complete some simple returns. Horrible. David almost died. However, Bed, Bath, and Beyond was a very simple return process and we finally had some honeymoon cash in our pockets.

Next we met two of the groomsmen at Men’s Warehouse to try on and pick up the tuxes. After fixing a half-broken button we went home for dinner. The best part of the day was still ahead. 

At 8:00 we met a ton of friends at Natty Greene’s for $2 pint night. This was the perfect way to kick of the wedding weekend. We got to hang out with lots of friends, a lot of people who were going to be a part of the wedding got to meet for the first time, and we all drank some really tasty beer. (Red Nose!)


I’ve gotten one room of the apartment cleaned and organized, only five more to go! Hopefully I can finish another room tomorrow and blog about Friday!