17 degrees. That’s how cold it got in Kinston while we were camping in the parking lot. Freezing. I had every intention of actually photographing this ChickfilA experience. Eventually I want to photograph the experience from 6am to 6am, but this one was cold and boring.
We got to Kinston at 4:45am and sat in the car with Nickel Creek and the heat blasting until 5:55 when they lined us up and counted how many people were there. Luckily, we were at 96 and we all got to go inside, sit down, and sign our consent forms.
For the next 24 hours we hung out in our tents in sleeping bags and under 10 blankets. The plan was to read, but it was too cold even for that, so we slept and watched season 4 of Mad Men (good season, by the way).
In the end we left with four meals in our bellies and 104 free number one coupons. Success! Here’s hoping the next ChickfilA opening we go to is somewhere between 40 and 60 degrees!