I never said what I was thankful for, and after such a long week, I’m going to take the easy way out.
I’m thankful for David. Here are the blurbs from our wedding website about how we met and how he proposed. Enjoy!

How we met:
Catherine and David attended the same school (Caldwell Academy) from 1996 when Catherine started there until 2004 when she graduated. They knew of each other but did not become friends until Catherine’s senior year. They dated for a few months but decided to take a break and went their separate ways for three years. Neither of them know exactly how they started talking again, but in July 2007 they decided to restart their dating relationship. After graduating from Appalachian, Catherine moved to Raleigh where David was in school at NC State to work and begin graduate school (and to put an end to their long-distance relationship). Catherine and David were not apart for more than a weekend from the summer of 2008 until David left for Alaska in June 2010. 

How we got engaged:
David spent the summer of 2010 in Alaska set-net salmon fishing. After being gone for a week he knew that he never wanted to be separated from Catherine again, especially by 4000 miles. He called Catherine’s father (and woke him up from a nap) to explain this and ask for permission to marry Catherine. Cecil told David that he and Catherine’s mother trusted David with their daughter and gave him his blessing. For the next 8 weeks Catherine and David’s parents kept the secret from her and helped David find a ring and arrange a surprise proposal for the day he flew home. On Sunday, August 8, David’s plane landed at 1:09 pm. He deplaned and walked towards the people waiting for him (his parents, Catherine, Catherine’s parents, and his sister and brother-in-law). After a few hugs from parents, Catherine hugged David, and at the same time his father passed him the ring. He then stepped back, got on one knee, and proposed. Of course, Catherine said yes, the date of January was decided, and the wedding planning commenced.

And now we’re down to 39 days! Everything is getting crazy with Thanksgiving, the end of the school semester, Christmas, and wedding planning! I just finished the wedding slideshow last night and I really want to share it but I’m going to (try) to wait until after it debuts. Here’s a few cute pictures to hold you over, though.