My First Shower

Shower number one was a great success! My mom and I woke up early Saturday morning to run errands. By two o’clock we had successfully marked everything off our list and were heading to the Clement’s house.

Ginna and her mom were the perfect hostesses (along with Teresa and my aunt Kathleen)! They thought to include my favorite foods (glass bottle cokes, goldfish, reese’s, kitkats, oreos) among the adult food (fruit salads and quiches). We partied and opened presents for almost 2 hours! 

The only thing about showers is that when it’s your shower, people look at you the whole time. It’s a little unnerving. I was also a little unnerved when Dorothy suggested everyone go around the room and say how they knew me and the funniest thing they remember about me. Nothing too embarrassing came out though.

Overall it was a great first shower. No bows were broken (to David’s relief… it’s not that we don’t want kids, but it would have scared him if I came home with 5 broken ribbons), presents were received, great friends were seen, and future plans were made. Hooray for parties and swag!