Before David proposed, we had planned to go to three concerts this year. After he proposed, we decided we needed to start budgeting. Somehow (probably against better judgement), we’re still going to the concerts.

Three weeks ago we went to see Kings of Leon and The Black Keys. The Black Keys put on a pretty great show. I only started listening to them when I heard they were playing with Kings of Leon, but they were pretty great performers and their songs were all awesome live. But it was the Kings of Leon I was really looking forward to. I have only liked them for about a year, but Aha Shake Heartbreak is a great album and I was looking forward to hearing some of it live. They played a lot of new songs I wasn’t too crazy about though, and not very many I really loved. The concert was good, but it wasn’t as awesome as I had been hoping it would be.

Last night we went to see Mae in Carrboro. It was their third show on their final tour called Goodbye, Goodnight. It was by far the greatest concert I have ever been to. I’ve been to four Mae shows since 2005 when I first heard the Everglow. In 2007 the keyboard player and the bassist left the band. This summer, Mae announced they would be rejoining the band and they would go on what would possibly be one final tour. My friend Anna and I immediately decided we must be a part of this tour and it was everything we imagined it to be. Mae played for TWO HOURS. Two hours of pure happiness. Mae wasn’t playing this concert to headline their new songs, Mae was playing this concert for fun. They were happy to be back together and it showed. After the concert we talked to Dave, Zach, and James. We talked to James for the longest time. He told us about his new project ( and David got to tell him he is one of the greatest drummers he has ever seen!

On Friday we are going to see the Avett Brothers. I feel like I shouldn’t get my hopes up, so as not to have a Kings of Leon repeat, but after that Mae concert I feel like anything is possible. I’m crossing my fingers that the Avett Brothers concert will be just as amazing as Mae’s!