When David asked me to marry him I was very excited, but my reaction was not quite as animated as some may have liked (but I think anyone that knows me should not have expected that anyway). I was much more animated a few hours later when I realized we would get to register!! This, of course, caused David’s father to remark, “Now there’s the reaction we were all waiting for!”

We’ve finished registering at this point (and by that I mean, we are done, but I still log on and add a few little things every once and a while because it’s fun), and now we’re just sitting and waiting. One cool thing about registering though, is that you can see what you’ve registered for, how many you want, and how many you’ve received. Awesome! So I can check my websites every day and see what we’ve already got!!

Now, some people call this cheating, but I think it just adds another level to the whole gift receiving process. This way, I get to be excited when I register for it, when I see someone has bought it, AND when I open it.

Planning a wedding is fun and a little stressful, but registering and getting presents is just plain awesome!